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Our Phoenix vacation rentals are all highly recommended, and our online representatives are always available to answer your questions.

Whether you want a high-end resort or a cozy condo rental by owner, Vacatia will meet all of your Phoenix and Scottsdale accommodation needs.

Metro Phoenix (which includes the suburbs of Scottsdale and Tempe) is known as the Valley of the Sun for its perennially sunny days and gorgeous weather.

No wonder Phoenix attracts people from all over the world!From world-class resorts, spas, shopping, golf courses, renowned restaurants and vibrant nightlife, the 2,000-square mile Phoenix Metro area has it all!Picture luxuriating in your own space in an exciting resort, and you're picturing one of our resort residences.You can come home after all your Phoenix and Scottsdale adventures to a roomy living space.While many make their way to Phoenix and Scottsdale for the weather and the golf, the Valley of the Sun is also home to outdoor activities, shopping, and nightlife.

The East Valley and Scottsdale contain the best of this last option with high-end wine bars, old-time saloons, and hot dance clubs.Phoenix receives over 325 days of sunshine a year which is more than any other Metropolitan area in the Nation.The warm and sunny weather is a main attraction for tourists and a reason why many residents call Arizona home.The Valley rests on the Sonoran Desert's northern tip, and this prehistoric seabed runs all the way to northwestern Mexico. Mesquite and palo verde trees, agave, brittlebush, and creosote bushes are scattered throughout the land, which is scorched by 100-degree temperatures for weeks in the summer.Late in the season, precious rain arrives in monsoons that light up the sky and conjure up the beguiling smell of creosote. For a brief period in May, giant saguaros burst into crowns of white flowers, while bunches of colorful wildflowers cover mountain landscapes and fill the desert's crevices.Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix offers a wide array of sports, hiking trails and other outdoor activities.