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She studies extremophiles (extreme microbial lifeforms) on Earth and the possibilities of similar life on other planets.

Prior to her appointment with NASA she was founder and director of the Cave and Karst Studies Program, and faculty member at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro.

The city also acquired three speed vans to be used in school and construction zones. Berry commissioned the University of New Mexico's Institute for Social Research to conduct a study of the program.

The purpose of the study was to examine crashes at all Albuquerque intersections to determine if the program improved public safety.

This is your opportunity to become part of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. "Would Leonardo da Vinci Make a Good Astrobiologist? Would he be one of our greatest astrobiologists ever?

Our vision is to inspire a greater appreciation and under-standing of the natural world by celebrating nature through the art of photography. How can today’s astrobiologists and interested citizens be “Leonardo-like” as we contemplate the question of whether there are other lifeforms in our own Solar System and beyond on the myriad of exoplanets around our neighboring stars? Boston, Director of NASA's Astrobiology Institute, is an internationally recognized scientist who also explores art along with the interdisciplinary aspects of astrobiology.

95 adjusted his line to the cushion and plowed his way to the lead, as well as his third win of the season with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by at Brown County Speedway. Going into the race, it looked they had been trying to get the top to come in and I figured it would at some point and luckily I was right this time," commented Covington of this third win of the season with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by Dropping to second on the start, Covington trailed Canada's, Skylar Gee.

Presented by Brandt Agricultural Products, the Monday night showdown was the debut visit to the Aberdeen, S. Adjusting his line up the track as the race rolled into Lap 5, Covington rocketed into the lead on Lap 6 with Seth Bergman following to second.

The purpose of the program was to reduce red light running at two of the city's most dangerous intersections.

Over the years the program was expanded to 20 intersections and in 2006 a mechanism was added to the system to monitor speed and issue citations.

She has been featured in many science documentaries shown on PBS and National Geographic.