Benefits of dating someone in the military

It is the same as if you would ask a white woman why she wants to have sex with a black guy.We human beings tend to desire what we never had before or what we think we can’t have.

No matter how you call them, it is quite dangerous to bang them and if I were you I would think twice before I do it.

From what I have heard from a guy who banged half of the Asian continent, Filipinas are even less aware of wearing condoms than Thai girls.

That would be as ridiculous as if you would say that Asian girls and black girls have the same asses.

You can’t compare career-oriented women in the West with career-oriented Pinays.

When a girl goes to college in the Philippines, especially to the prestigious ones, you can confidently assume that she doesn’t belong to the underclass.

It is no secret that families with money have a higher chance to send their children to university.

I promised you to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly.

The type of girls that I am going to talk about now combines all three qualities.

They wouldn’t even send their son, let alone their daughter.

Those girls have enough money and don’t have any need to replace daddy’s wallet with hubby’s wallet. Excitement, sexual adventures and the curiosity of something new are good reasons why college girls will happily jump in bed with you.

They are good because they are extremely easy to have sex with, even if you don’t pay them.