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Read On Added: | Category: Masturbation | Avg Score: 4.83 | Words: 2,164 | Tags: hand jobs finger sucking masturbation | 4 Comments "Hi, Mr Comma." “Hello, anybody there? The morning after it happened, I got up, went to class, went to the gym, had lunch, went to class again. It wasn’t until I was halfway through my studio class later that afternoon that I heard the little voice in my head. I pushed the voice aside and focused on my painting. Read On Added: | Category: Masturbation | Avg Score: 4.94 | Words: 2,932 | Tags: redhead shower masturbation orgasm older man college younger woman | 15 Comments I was a zealous Catholic woman. Read On Added: | Category: Masturbation | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 751 | Tags: masturbation quick touch | 1 Comment The masquerade ball offers the perfect opportunity to test her sexual boundaries.

” “Please Mr Comma, come out to play.” “No.” “Please Mr Comma, or should that be Ms Comma? And the answer is still no.” “Meany.” “Yes, why don’t you use Full Stop or Quotation Marks? The digital readout on the no-brand hotel TV advanced a minute, the room silent save for my erratic panting.

My very first official overseas business trip and I am more than ready for it.

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Reading over the announcement, the core topics and activities sounded... I think God wanted to see my reaction because I had...Read On Added: | Category: Masturbation | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 5,820 | Tags: masturbation skirt panties fingering | 12 Comments Her boyfriend is a monster, galactic-far away above average in every Willie-involved discipline In pain, Luna let go of her boyfriend’s cock. Read On Added: | Category: Masturbation | Avg Score: 4.57 | Words: 677 | Tags: priest church masturbation cock | 6 Comments A young woman gets reacquainted with her parents neighbors It's been a year since this little story began.She grabbed her wrist and flexed her numb fingers with a sick grimace. She felt enormous relief when the blood flowed through the veins in her hand once again. But never had my eager fingers stroked a girl's breast. It was my final year at a large university on the East Coast. I assisted the medical staff with the various teams that made up the school's sports programs; football, volleyball, swimming, track, baseball, softball,...Sitting on her heels, between his stretched out legs and bent over his pelvis she had been stroking as if her life depended on it, that gnarled prick. Read On Added: | Category: Masturbation | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,294 | Tags: masturbation teen hand-job contest | 1 Comment A sixteen-year-old boy hooks up with an older girl who knows things At the age of sixteen I was a high school sophomore thirsting for sex. Never had my hand been allowed beneath a girl's skirt. My home is in a small community outside a major city in central California. Read On Added: | Category: Masturbation | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 4,239 | Tags: masturbation temptation frustration lust fantasy teasing | 3 Comments Sometimes you just need a fast touch Inspired by your touch last night, I couldn't help myself this morning.My next-door neighbor is an eighty-seven-year-old widow, "Little Lois" (which is what we call her).

She is very self-sufficient; her only real problem is that she does not hear very well anymore.Dates turned out to be make out sessions, after which I would go home and masturbate. Maybe once in a while, I would go on a “blind” date. I don't know if you'll ever read this but I felt like I needed to let this out.It was late in the school year when Lisa Franks transferred... Read On Added: | Category: Masturbation | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 5,487 | Tags: masturbation friends conference cheating | 9 Comments A college girl can't keep her mind on her art... I only have a few minutes but can't resist any more. I knew when I left this morning I hadn't gotten enough of you and the wetness at just the thought of your lips on mine is enough to make...Read On Added: | Category: Masturbation | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 4,498 | Tags: masturbation toy bath voyeurism | 13 Comments Spying on my 87-year-old neighbor My name is Doreen and I'm fifty-nine years old.This story might seem odd to some people, but it was a very unexpected awakening for me.Read On Added: | Category: Masturbation | Avg Score: 4.95 | Words: 3,155 | Tags: fingers shaving learning orgasm | 16 Comments Thinking she had the night to herself, she decided to indulge in a little bathime play... Listen, I’m calling to let you know I’m going to have to work late tonight. So have a good night, and I’ll get home when I can.