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Any Balance remaining from a purchase that is made prior to 6 months will not be refunded. Prepayments The following conditions will govern prepayments you make to your Account balance: You may add to your Account balance at any time by accessing "My Account" at our Website Any prepayment will be charged to the credit, debit or paypal that you listed in your account information.

We will provide you with an e-mail confirmation each time you make a prepayment that is credited to your Account balance.

You must have a current, working email address in order to receive Product details and other confirmations.

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Acceptable forms of payment include credit card, debit card and any other form of payment authorizes.

We do not waive our right to collect the full amount due if Your form of payment is cancelled, disabled, discontinued or otherwise dishonored after Your purchase of any Product. Receiving and Securing Your Products delivers the purchase receipts to you by email.

Prepayments must be made in certain dollar denominations, with a minimum of .00(Excluding any taxes or fees, where applicable).

The prepayments credited to your Account do not expire unless you purchase a plan with a validity date.

Call details provided by customer service of the carrier about the usage of a prepaid phone are final and will be considered authentic record/proof about the usage of the plan. Pins number, once issued/revealed are non transferable and non exchangeable. Calling details for certain plan will be available online.

Calls details will only be available for last 60 days. Price Changes, Rate and Fee Changes We may change the prices for the Products from time to time, and such changes will be effective from the time they are posted on the Website.Thus, you should only make prepayments to your Account if you believe that you will use the balance. This means that the duration of each call is rounded up to the next full minute for billing purposes.In contrast, many prepaid phone cards use a 3 or 6 minute rounding interval where calls are rounded up in 3 or 6 minute intervals for billing purposes.We reserve the right to reject Your purchase if it exceeds any limit which We choose to impose. Refund Policy If a customer is not fully satisfied with any of's services, we will refund back the remaining(un-used) balance into the customer's account on the Credit /Debit card that was used at the time of purchase.Any extra bonus minutes provided at the time of purchase will be deducted from the unused balance at the time of refund."," "We," "Our," and "Us" mean Raza.communications and any affiliates authorized to sell and/or distribute the Products.