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It was only Crystalens IOL that allowed the doctors at Eye Clinic to ensure unique vision performance.Its features are very close to that of the natural human crystalline lens.The distance from the posterior surface of ICL to the anterior surface of the lens was (0.48 or - 0.27) mm at nonaccommodated state, and (0.34 or - 0.19) mm at drug induced accommodation, the difference was significant (t = 2.104, P = 0.038).

There have never been medical reports about failures of the lens with the passage of time. The manufacturers have clinical data confirming the reliability and guarantees of the accommodating Crystalens.

The Crystalens accommodating intra-ocular lens marks a major break-through in ophthalmology.

Until recently, implanted intra-ocular lens failed to provide patients suffering cataract and presbyopia (age-related nearsightedness) with equally adequate vision at short, medium, and far distances.

Usually, after standard IOL implantation procedure, the patient could see well at a distance, but for work at closer distances (writing, reading, and sewing) and at medium distances (working at the computer, driving a car, examining objects at arm’s length), the patient had to wear glasses.

The mean accommodation power before surgery was (2.12 or - 1.06) D, and was (4.46 or - 2.11) D 3 months after surgery.

Accommodation power was improved significantly (t = 2.312, P = 0.022).

In the past, no single model of implanted lens could ensure the patient such high visual performance at all distances.

Accepted for publication 3 September 2014 Published 19 November 2014 Volume 2014:8 Pages 2289—2295 DOI

Results: Clinical data at 6 months showed 89% of the eyes within ±1.0 D spherical equivalent refraction.

Mean binocular uncorrected and distance-corrected visual acuity was 20/20 at far (0.00±0.11 log MAR and -0.06±0.08 log MAR, respectively), 20/20 at intermediate (0.01±0.13 log MAR and -0.01±0.10 log MAR, respectively), and 20/25 at near (0.10±0.14 log MAR and 0.14±0.15 log MAR, respectively).

These characteristics of the Crystalens ensure good vision at close, far, and medium distances which is common only to a young and healthy eye..