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The number of tines grew from two, to three, then to four.The four tined fork didn’t become de rigeur until the mid-1800’s.(1) WHO: the maker is PHILIP ASHBERRY & SONS identified by the Figural trade mark (paw feet with banner) and the initials PA&S(2) WHERE: the firm was active in Sheffield, identified by the "S" (on the right, after the maker's initials) (3) WHAT: the piece is identified by the stock (production) number 1414 and the base metal is Nickel Silver (E. Tighe from New Zealand emigrants in 1876" (the ship's surgeon averted a measles epidemic on board the Rangitiki) This is a page of 'The What is? G Silver, International Silver, Landers Frary & Clark Silver, Old Company Plate Silverplate, Oneida, Rockford Silver, Silver Plate Cutlery Co., WM. By the 7th century, the fork was being used among royal courts in the Middle East and by the 11th century was fairly common among the wealthy merchants in the region.Not until 1633, when King Charles I declared, “It is decent to use a fork,” did the use of the fork begin to gain a foothold of acceptance in England.

Even then, it wasn’t until the 18th century that the fork worked its way down to the lower classes in England.The Catholicchurch went so far as to sternly admonish her, stating her use of the fork was an affront to God’s intention to use the fingers.When she died shortly after her wedding, it was perceived as divine punishment and helped to delay the common usage of forks in Italy for several more centuries.The knife is the oldest known implement, used as a cutting tool at the dawn of Mankind.The knife as an eating utensil didn't develop until the Middle Ages.It was also around this time that the shape of the fork itself took on a change.