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The truth is that a happy relationship requires hard-work and commitment.

Yet, many people don’t want to hear this and as a result many myths about happy relationships still exist.

Which leads us to believe that these people who believe that love just happens to you without your knowing, did not expect it to happen. “Life is a flower of which love is the honey” ~Victor Hugo There is an estimated 7.1 billion people on this planet, and out of that horde of individuals, 46% are looking for that one other person that they want to spend the rest of their life with. Not exactly, although the maths are in your favour, it has never been harder to find ‘the one’ and with stories of ‘childhood sweetheart’ filling our timelines, it seems like there is no hope.Have you tried everything and still cannot find that perfect partner?This fraud cost the British public 34 million pounds, as opposed to 24.5 million pounds in 2013.In the past, online dating scams have included people pretending to be US soldiers in Iraq and people pretending to be cancer patients.To show you how uncomplicated but effective the process is, here is a step by step guide. For some matchmaking services, this is a brisk one-on-one conversation that happens once and can be capped at half an hour.

For us, this could be one of many conversations lasting two hours if necessary, and we make a point of having two matchmakers attend each meeting. We want you to feel relaxed, not pressured into anything, so that you can reveal your true self to us. Fans of Kelsey Grammer’s successful sitcom will remember the matchmaker episode.

Love is a thing that many people expect to just happen.

You just wake up one day and BAM you’re in love- but with that theory comes an element of chance, a certain aspect of “right place, right time”.

Needless to say, Charlotte’s matchmaking service is absolutely terrible example….

Online dating has been hailed as the solution to dating for many years,which explains its surge in profits and popularity.

The city has so much to offer that it’s hard to know where to start, so here’s our guide. A great place for a picnic with your date, this park is home to some of Dublin’s best greenery.