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However, given 400,000 HCV-related deaths annually important challenges remain, including identifying those who are infected, providing access to treatment and reducing its costs.

Guidelines tell you should be tested regularly for hepatitis C by your HIV care provider.After that, the infection is called a chronic infection.‘Acute’ infection may sound serious but there are often no or only mild symptoms.If you do start having symptoms they are usually: Usually symptoms start around seven weeks after exposure to the virus.Some people already get symptoms after two weeks and others as late as 26 weeks after infection. Homosexual and bisexual men are mainly infected with genotype 1 or 4.Thus, it is very unlikely that global eradication and elimination of the cancer risk associated with HCV infection can be achieved without a vaccine, yet research in that direction receives little attention.

Further, over the past two decades HCV research has spearheaded numerous fundamental discoveries in the fields of molecular and cell biology, immunology and microbiology.

Public health laws require certain health professionals (and sometimes labs and other people) to report cases of HCV infection to Public Health.

Public Health may keep a record or database of people who have been infected with infectious diseases such as hepatitis C.

The database may include each person’s name, date of birth, gender, infection(s) and contact information.

The type of information that gets reported to Public Health and stored in a database depends on the law and practice in that region.

Most experts say there is a maximum chance of spontaneous recovery of 10 percent.