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To self-correct after each shot, we need to get the correct feedback.· How you end a relationship has an enormous impact on the quality of your next relationship.Good endings make good beginnings.· Without an open heart, it is much more difficult to find the right person.Lots of couples drift apart at this stage without realizing it. This stage is where we experience real intimacy, letting down our guard and sharing more deeply with our partners.

Most people find or are found by their soul mates when they are not really looking.When you are ready, your soul mate will appear.· Another important insight about soul mates is that they are never perfect.Both partners should put their best foot forward and show an interest in getting to know each other.What happens during this very important (and often misunderstood) stage is a shift from feeling attraction to doubting that our partner is right for us.It also allows you to “just know” when you are with the wrong person.· Just because you love someone ’t mean that he or she is the one for you.

In most cases it takes both time and progression through the five stages before you can recognize your true life partner.· There are games and manipulations to make someone love you and want to marry you, but this ’t ensure that he or she will be right for you.· It was fine in previous generations to marry someone without first getting to know him or her, because the need for security was the basis of marriage.We want to relax and have more quality time with our partner, creating a mutually loving and romantic relationship.But we must be cautious during this stage — careful not to grow so comfortable together that we stop doing all those little things that make our partner feel special.MARS AND VENUS ON A DATE· When we misinterpret each other, it can cause us to sabotage our relationships unknowingly.· Dating is awkward and has definite moments of pain and discomfort.· The faster way of finding a special partner or being found by someone is to create positive dating experiences.· Learning from mistakes helps prevent the repetition of negative patterns.· Most people date several people before finding the right one.Each time you go out and discover that this is the wrong person for you, your mind will self-correct, and next time you will feel more attracted to someone who is closer to being the right person.For most couples in history, marriage meant the end of romance.· A soul mate is someone who has the unique ability to bring out the best in us. There are basically four types of chemistry between dating partners:1. Emotional chemistry generates affection, caring and trust3.