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Context Type Name = obj Data Context; obj Datasource. Select = "new(Business Unit, Type, Division, Status, Description 1, Address ID)"; lv Cost Centers. Data Bind(); thanks mesut Hi colleagues, how can I configure a linqdatasource in code behind.

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The editing interface includes Web controls for editing the item's data - Text Boxes, Drop Down Lists, Check Boxes, and so on - along with Update and Cancel buttons.

Clicking the Cancel button returns the item to its pre-editing, read-only state whereas clicking the Update button saves the user's modifications in the database (or wherever) and then returns the item to its read-only state, showing its newly updated values.

Creating an editable List View control entails defining the editing interface via the and adding the Edit, Update, and Cancel buttons in the appropriate spots.

This article walks through creating an editable List View control, with the finished results available for download at the end of the article. (It is assumed that the reader is familiar with how to edit data using a data source control.

The reason is because the List View is defined by templates whereas the Grid View and Details View are defined by fields.

Many fields types, such as the Bound Field, can generate their own editing interface, but with templates the page developer is on the hook for specifying the editing interface.However, the product Aniseed Syrup has had its Edit button clicked and is rendered in its edit mode.The editing interface displays Text Boxes and Drop Down List controls for the various fields and has Update and Cancel buttons instead of the Edit button.Moreover, a Command Field is added, which displays the Edit, Update, and Cancel buttons, as needed.While the List View control provides editing support, it requires a bit more work from the page developer to get it going. Remove Instead of cycling thru the collection of headers?