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Yes, the chat line is provided as a free service to our community.We expect all the users of this service to threat and address one another in a friendly manner.

When in the Chat lobby area, enter a nickname, select the desired chat room, check one of the circles next to images and click on the “Let’s Chat” button. You can then start typing your message in the area provided at the bottom of the screen.

When you are ready to send your message, either hit Return (Enter ) key on your keyboard or click on the “Send’ button.

If you have the IP address of the person(s) that misuses the chat service, record and send them to “[email protected] Online.com”.

You can also ask everyone to log out the chat room.

The user can then scroll down this screen to read private messages.

The user can erase his/or her private messages by simply clicking on “Erase All Messages” button.

Nickname, IP address and time of the entry of the new visitor is also included in the notification message.

The user can view private message(s) by clicking on the “Check For New Messages” button in this screen.

You can also erase all your private messages by simply clicking on “Erase All Messages” button.

You first need to click on the “Logout” button and exit the chat room.

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