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But as you know, speakerphones are annoying to the people you call and you have to take turns talking, as opposed to being able to talk at the same time with any other method.

I've been recording my telephone calls since the mid-80's so this is my tutorial on various ways to record your phone calls.There are a lot of different reasons you might want to record your phone calls.You can even stick it on the opposite side, where your ear normally goes, as long as you can still hear the conversation okay.If you do this, you'll probably need to wrap some tape around the suction cup and phone to hold it on.Recording a phone call, even your own, is possibly illegal too. And if you're calling someone in another state, THEIR state might have even stricter laws on it.

This site does not condone breaking and state or federal laws when tapping and/or recording a phone call. In the end, if you get into some kind of trouble over recording a phone call, they can use whatever federal or state law they want against you.

If you have a phone handset that has electronics in the handset (i.e.

the dialing keypad is IN the handset) then you might end up with interference in your recording.

The obvious reason on this web site is comedy - recording funny prank calls so that other people can hear them.

Maybe you're forgetful and just want to keep a record of your phone calls for later review.

The TP-7 sits in your ear and looks like the old cell phone earpiece people used before we had bluetooth earpieces.