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It joined the European Union in 1973, thereby weakening economic ties with its Commonwealth.

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It see-sawed back and forth A more peace-minded government came to power in London and the treaties of Utrecht and Rastadt in 1713–1714 ended the war. The Stuart line died with Anne in 1714, although a die-hard faction with French support supported pretenders.The Elector of Hanover became king as George I (1714–1727).The UK took a strong stand against Communist expansion after 1945, playing a major role in the Cold War and the formation of NATO as an anti-Soviet military alliance with West Germany, France, the U. In the 1990s, neoliberalism led to the privatisation of nationalized industries and significant deregulation of business affairs.London's status as a world financial hub grew continuously.It enabled the two kingdoms to be combined into a single kingdom, merging the two parliaments into a single parliament of Great Britain.

Queen Anne became the first monarch of the new Great Britain.As a result, British culture, and its technological, political, constitutional, and linguistic influence, became worldwide.Politically, the central event was the French Revolution And its Napoleonic aftermath, 1793–1815, which British elites saw as a profound threat, and worked energetically to form multiple coalitions that finally defeated Napoleon in 1815.In coalition with the rising power Prussia, defeated France in the Seven Years' War (1756–1763), and won full control of Canada.George III (1760–1820) never visited Hanover, and spoke English as his first language.The new states typically joined the Commonwealth of Nations.