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Automatic alerts are triggered when registrations are complete, and reports show any forms or requirements that are missing.

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Send a first message as usual and once the person accept the request, you can chat with them freely.Chatting with people without sharing your phone number is sort of Kik’s USP.Payments are processed securely through the system.Connect the data collected during registration with your student information system (SIS) to keep student data synchronized and up to date while minimizing data duplication and errors. Parents can check their student’s registration status on their mobile device at any time, day or night, and administrators can track registration progress and enrollment numbers in real time to inform their planning.Google’s other star apps, Allo and Duo, are yet to get email integration and so they still rely on using phone numbers, unfortunately.

But that should change soon, if rumours are to be believed.

Texting apps are every bit essential to the present day smartphone experience.

In many countries, where texting through SMS is expensive, apps like Whats App make things easier by keeping you connected with friends over the internet.

Bring your school registration process for new and returning students online to improve efficiency and transparency.

Ease the burden on parents with a multilingual, mobile-friendly app that allows them to complete registration forms, packets, and fees through their smartphones.

Facebook’s membership of 1 billion, in addition to pages and group conversations, its messaging service is pretty populated.