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There are frequent gatherings in restaurants, bars, churches, museums or country walks.

The Christian Connection discussion boards are a popular way to share stories, advice and opinions about life as a single Christian.

This is largely because the POTS network was typically used for transfers, and phone charges were lower at night.

The format and transmission of Usenet articles is similar to that of Internet e-mail messages.

When a user posts an article, it is initially only available on that user's news server.

Each news server talks to one or more other servers (its "newsfeeds") and exchanges articles with them.

Every day Christians meet on the boards and discuss topics from Christian dating experiences, church life, to current events.

The blue, green, and red dots on the servers represent the groups they carry.In this fashion, the article is copied from server to server and should eventually reach every server in the network.The later peer-to-peer networks operate on a similar principle, but for Usenet it is normally the sender, rather than the receiver, who initiates transfers.It was developed from the general-purpose UUCP dial-up network architecture.Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis conceived the idea in 1979, and it was established in 1980.over a decade before the World Wide Web was developed and the general public received access to the Internet, making it one of the oldest computer network communications systems still in widespread use.