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Explore the lively Portland, ME harbor, take a tour of the lighthouses, visit the museums and have fun on the water.

Whether you are planning a romantic trip or a family vacation, Portland, Maine, is a fun destination.

Resting right on the water’s edge, Commercial Street is a welcome haven for tourists and locals alike, with fresh sea breezes, beautiful maritime scenes of ships coming and going, and fisherman hauling in the catch.

Im a Fla transplant after retiring back in 09=I went to key west a few yrs kick back drinkin beer fishing painted a few boat -then 2011 returned to Maine -been here ever since I tired my luck on...

Over the weekend, in the wake of what either was or wasn’t a Valentine’s Day to remember, Facebook published data (culled from Facebook user profiles, of course) on the best American cities to be single in. Memphis, TN The top five cities in terms of largest probability of relationship formation for a single person: 1.

Unfortunately, the telescope disappeared from the tower in 1939.

Designated as a National Historic Landmark in 2006, the 86-foot (26 m) tall observatory tower is now a museum that is open to the public to explore.

Allie Fuller, however, has had a different experience of romance in the Rose City. That is, it's full of men your traditional single woman might not find too impressive -- or at least her parents might not find them too impressive.

She's not sure if Portland men are too laid-back, Portland women too independent, or a combination of both. Long winters, reserved demeanors and inescapable exes are reasons why people say Portland can be a difficult place to date. Anyone frustrated with the dating or singles scenes. Besides, you have to wonder about the criteria employed by Dating Advice.

I'll probably have to start importing my girlfriends.

To keep family and friends apprised of her new life in Portland, she started a blog.

Detroit, MI tops the “highest percentage of single people” list, which either means single people love bein’ single in the Motor City or none of the single people in Detroit like any of the other single people in Detroit. A second list indicates the highest “probability of relationship formation.” Colorado Springs, CO earns that honor.

More people in that city coupled up between October 1, 2013 and Halloween, when the data was collected (ie, more Facebook users in that city changed their status from “single” to “in a relationship” during that one-month period), indicating a high rate of settling down.

Almost immediately, a stranger -- Dave, of Dave Knows: The two started chatting via e-mail.