Rolex dating system

Many older Rolex serial numbers are inscribed by a machine on the side of the watch between the lugs at “6 o’ clock.” The bracelet must be detached at the “6” side of the case to view the serial number.In 2005 the brand began engraving serial numbers on the inner watch rims for aesthetic reasons.

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In the past, you would have to remove the bracelet to get the serial number from the watch.On some watches, the endlinks can put scratch marks into the case, cutting into the engraving. Modern day Rolexes do not require the bracelet to be removed.If you need assistance in finding a Rolex serial number, please refer to the chart below.e Bay also has a list of serial numbers with estimated production dates.These are also known as “random serials” or “scattered serials” and are not as bad as they sound.

It just means it’s a watch from after 2010 that Rolex began implementing this new serial number system with.Age in addition to other factors, such as bracelet and overall watch condition, will help the Swiss Wrist team figure the actual fair market value of the watch.Unique Rolex serial numbers, such as a Rolex Submariner serial number, are also helpful in determining if a watch is an authentic piece.The series or serial letter of a Rolex model can correspond to a certain year or period in which your watch was manufactured.Almost every watch site feels the need to post a Rolex serial number list.For instructions on removing the bracelet, to speak with a Rolex expert.