Row updating event in gridview in asp net using c

Null Reference Exception – “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” You see people asking about this everywhere; about why are they getting this error. Note, regardless of the scenario, the cause is always the same in .

row updating event in gridview in asp net using c-3

Sql Bulk Copy as the name suggest is for copying (inserting) bulk records and it cannot perform update operation.Hence comes Table Valued Parameter to the rescue, which allows us to pass multiple records using a Data Table to a Stored Procedure where we can do the processing.Finally the following stored procedure is created which will accept the Data Table as parameter and then will insert all records into the table that are not present in the table and the one that already exists will be updated.The below Stored Procedure can be used where in the SQL Server version 2005 where MERGE function is not supported.If you have any product related to Share Point, Office 365 or Azure, you can show case to the Share Point world by displaying advertisement in the site.

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If you create and drop your objects within each method, this isn’t going to be a problem, and you are actually following a better guideline by creating at the last necessary moment, and destroying at the first possible moment, not to mention avoiding possible exceptions like Invalid Reference Exception.

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In the snippet below, we will be calculating the total of the ‘Freight’ field.

We will then display the data in a textbox by formatting the result (observe the To handle the Selected Index Changed event of a Data Grid View Combo Box, you need to use the Data Grid View. You can then retrieve the selected index or the selected text of the combobox.

It gives you number of properties, methods and events to customize its appearance and behavior.