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Promoted turnpike roads from lead-mining area to Chesterfield "then the great outward town for Derbyshire". 1 shilling per ton per mile often quoted for pack-horses.

Beighton to become an inland port for Chesterfield. Nothing further done London Lead Company, Quaker founded and operated. Projected imports, deals, balks, hemp, flax, fine wool, iron, rice, oils, wines and liquors, sugar, tobacco, groceries He had 1,000 copies printed of his promotional pamphlet "Seasonable Hints relating to the Intended Canal from Chesterfield in Derbyshire to the River Trent below Gainsborough".

General Manager of mining and smelting in Derbyshire. Tomlinson, Mr of Ordsall printed 1300 copies1 horse can carry 2cwt. Large team horses can pull wagon carrying 3.5 tons.

To be stacked by the canal 1 year from now, 13s per thousand.

Canal Co will build another kiln, and extend two more, for their use All to be - for "capital roads" min 21ft breadth within the walls.

Full details in Source Meeting, the George Inn, 11am.

Attended, with plans, link between Chesterfield and Swarkestone.And £3.3s for "making up a valley in the field adjoining the Forest Contractor.To make 1 million bricks on the Common, with Lewis, Edward.Please Note – all names, and titles, are in the format Smith, John and Leeds, Duke of.Additional references to Names, Locations, Subjects may be found by using the “Search Of Whole Archive” box.Sort – Click on the label at the top of the column you wish to sort.