Trouble updating itunes 11

The changes were far too drastic requiring a huge learning curve without any real benefit to the user.

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All we get is whole lot of learning curve, fighting through bugs, dealing with stupidity in UI design all without any substantial ease of use improvements.

Restoring i Tunes 10 Well, I finally made the decision to revert back to i Tunes 10.

Unfortunately, since Tim Cook has taken over, that quality level has dramatically slid down.

The i Pad 3 was the first example, then OS X Lion, then i OS 6, Mountain Lion and now i Tunes 11.

) file will be updated to the latest format which is incompatible with i Tunes 10.

So, you will have to restore back to an older version of or possibly face rebuilding your entire media library from files on disk.

My son was putting tunes on a friends i Pod & it said we needed to update i Tunes. It gets to the last stage of installing, then it says “Rolling back action.” Then, “The installer encountered errors before i Tunes could be configured. Your system has not been modified.”How do I get version 10 to completely install?

Anyway I deleted the new i Tunes & tried downloading version 10.

So, if you are thinking of reverting back to i Tunes 10, you might want to grab your copy now before they take it down.

But, keep in mind that once you’ve upgraded to i Tunes 11, your ‘i Tunes Library.itl’ (What are the i Tunes library files?

That’s just some of the underwhelming, but major changes in i Tunes 11.