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After the modules are loaded, udev provides the initramfs with the needed devices.

updating initrd-21

These drivers may include special drivers for certain kinds of hard drives or even network drivers to access a network file system.The needed modules for the root file system may be loaded by init on initramfs.Got this issue where if I do an apt update then mate/ubunutu 17.04 updates both and vmlinuz from 21 to 22.When that is done and the machine is rebooted it never boots successfully.I used the instructions in the Gentoo Wiki to make my initrd.

Some distributions make tools to generate initrds, and for that you will have to name your distro. initramfs is just another (newer) implementation of the initial ramdisk.

Gives kernal panic after reporting it can't mount the root partition.

If I boot a recovery OS (same mate on a stick) and copy over the and vmlinzu (21) and copy as well the symbolic links in the root which point to versions 21 then I can boot again successfully.

I don't know for sure, but I think modern distributions all use initramfs.

When you see "initrd", it may be a shorthand for "initial ramdisk", and thus it covers both initrd and initramfs.

This makes it possible to handle all device events generated during boot.