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If necessary, the application can request elevated security permissions.

For more information, see Securing Click Once Applications.

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The core Click Once security is based on certificates, code access security policies, and the Click Once trust prompt.Authenticode certificates are used to verify the authenticity of the application's publisher.For more information, see Code Access Security for Click Once Applications.If the application requests more permissions than the zone allows, the end user can be prompted to make a trust decision.If an application comes from a trusted publisher, it can be installed without any user interaction.

For more information, see Trusted Application Deployment Overview.For more information, see Click Once and Authenticode.Certificates can also be used to configure client computers to have a list of trusted publishers.By using Authenticode for application deployment, Click Once helps prevent a harmful program from portraying itself as a legitimate program coming from an established, trustworthy source.Optionally, certificates can also be used to sign the application and deployment manifests to prove that the files have not been tampered with.The end user can decide if Click Once applications such as Windows Forms applications, Windows Presentation Foundation applications, console applications, XAML browser applications, and Office solutions are trusted to run.