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But Barnes descended into alcoholism and then homelessness.News accounts previously described Barnes as a veteran, but his sister said that was not the case. "Tomorrow is my birthday," his sister said Thursday night.

He'd come in every day and you'd say, 'How did you sleep?"He insisted that I give [the gloves] to his friend," who also was homeless, his sister recalled Thursday night.The next time she saw her brother, it was in a surveillance video released to the media showing him being viciously attacked outside a Sunoco in Olney on April 7. On Wednesday, Robert Barnes, 51, died at Abington Memorial Hospital.The video, which was widely aired, shows a vehicle pulling up to the Sunoco at 5338 N.The runner can be seen ransacking a homeless man’s belongings in a public park in Oakland on Friday evening, and then dumping his blankets into Lake Merritt.

Mr Harris said: “The audacity, the lack of compassion for another human being, the greater context of where we are as a society”.

Mr Harris and others can be heard pleading with the man to stop – explaining they had known the homeless man, Greg Markson, for a while – but he continued regardless.

Arab lawmakers stand up in protest during a Knesset session in Jerusalem.

Fifth St., and three women and several juveniles rushing out toward Barnes.

In all, he was ambushed by six individuals who used Mace, a hammer, and the leg of a rocking chair as weapons.

They have been unable to post bail and still are in custody.