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And finally we want to monitor the current threat landscape and be able to react to emerging security threats in time. In today's environment, criminals attack vulnerable PCs to gain access personal data for id theft purposes, to steal your credit card data and to conduct business espionage.

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Start button\All Programs\Accessories\command prompt, right click, click on "run as administrator" at the bottom of the screen and paste in this command: Netsh interface ipv4 set global mldlevel=none The intention of UPn P is ease of configuration, so such things as games can auto-configure the firewall to let other players from the internet join in.

However, with users each poking holes into your firewall with UPn P, pretty soon it will be Swiss cheese and cease to function as a firewall.

Just burn this image file to DVD and slip it into your PC and it will commence installing the updates.

Note that it will only download KB's that are in MS Security Bulletins, which are all the critical and important downloads; so you will still have to do a Windows Update afterwards to fetch the ordinary non-critical updates.

If you are using an ethernet cable, disconnect the cable.

If you are on Wi Fi, Right click on Start button Change Adapter Settings and right click disable the Wi Fi interface.Vulnerable services and unnecessary networking protocols will be disabled.Layers of security will be added to protect our system, private documents, browsers and other applications.Or you can use the free Img Burn utility if you are not on Win 7 or Win 8.As per normal, to securely install an OS, one should install it disconnected from the network..Some settings can only be reached with the Configuration Pack.