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Nine years later, Brad proposed as Amanda sat on the same bench, and the two got married in August 2014.

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And it was wasn’t necessarily that I knew, ‘I have to be with this guy.’ But it was like, ‘I don’t want to be with anyone else that I’d hung out with,’ ” she says.“It felt like being with the person that really gets you and that you’ve known for a really, really long time.” They both needed to unravel situations with other people they were dating, but in October 2009, Melvin asked Czarniak to go on a date.In May, Czarniak got an offer to become an anchor for ESPN; a few weeks later, Melvin was hired by MSNBC.They live in Westport, Conn., and commute about an hour a day (she to Bristol, Conn., and he to New York City).Just kidding, but after studying physics together one night at the library, they had their first official date alongside the Tri Delta sorority late-night pancake fundraiser.

They were married in July 2014 in Charleston, and, Katie says, “We are so blessed to have been able to fall in love and get married in such a beautiful city!On their first date, Jennifer says, “We were having so much fun talking to each other that the waiter had to come by our table three times before we even looked at the menu.” David and Jennifer celebrate their sixth anniversary this May (they married at the Old Wide Awake Plantation in nearby Hollywood, S. Almost 20 years later, Griffin still remembers that his first date with Jaime was March 15, 1996. with sons Cohen and Hudson, who are eight and two years old, respectively.He proposed to her at Waterfront Park, and they hosted many College alumni at their 2001 wedding. Amanda and Brad kicked off their college careers together when they met during New Student Orientation on a bench in Physicians Promenade in 2004.Lindsay Czarniak had just arrived on set after three weeks at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and didn’t have time to meet the new NBC4 anchor before cameras started rolling. Wow, this guy is genuinely fun, Czarniak recalls thinking. “And that was burning me up.” They kept their distance, but soon Melvin began calling Czarniak again.“Well, look who’s back from China,” said her new colleague as he introduced her sports segment on the air. “It was easy to be with him there.” He gave her a ride to the after-party and then back to her apartment near Dupont Circle. They would talk about their families, their careers, even other people they were dating.These “young Cougars on the prowl” danced the night away and began dating shortly after.