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As such, no specific discussion is really needed beyond the overall goals for the activity.

Work was done on this Sept/October 2008 and now it is available as a single working package.

Hello, is there any compatibility with Skype network, i.e. Matthias Macé (France/Catalunya) Video Chat will be the focus of a new campaign at RIT sponsored by PEN International The following is the Job Description that was sent out to prospective students: Developers will be focusing on a specific application: The Video Chat Activity for the XO platform.

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To preserve important ideas resulting from the conversation, a snapshot of the screen may be taken at any time, creating an image entry in the journal.This goal is not achieved Since the virtual whiteboard covers the entire screen area, children can have some (less productive, but just as worthwhile) fun by drawing directly on top of the live video streams. The Video Chat activity is a fun way for children to communicate with each other both audibly and visually.In addition to the basic one to one video chatting interface, the activity will also provide a virtual shared whiteboard for sketching on throughout the conversation. (Pia Waugh - Feb 2009) To roll out the Videochat you need the following: To use the application, have both users start videochat.Mustaches, glasses, and horns may be the obvious choices, but nothing limits the creative potential that this simple interaction allows.

Of course, the whiteboard is shared, so any devious drawings a child creates over her friend's face will appear over her own at his end.Version 9 of Videochat has 640x480 resolution and 7.5 frames per second. They should each see the XO icon of the other pop up in the bottom of the screen.Then one person clicks the other, the other clicks "accept connection" and after a few seconds a videochat stream is established.Clicking on the thumbnail preview video will swap the video feeds, allowing each participant to see himself under his own drawing as well.This goal is not achieved Chat is a naturally collaborative activity.The project leaders at PEN have expressed a long-term interest in the life of this application that includes release into the Opensource ecosystem, and eventually porting to other platforms.