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From my office window I can see the single lane at the end of a motorway, usually filled with a queue of slowly moving cars.

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The Green parliamentary wing seem to be clueless about the mortal danger they face following news this week that their own minister, Eugenie Sage, has signed off on the sale and expansion of a water bottling plant at Otakiri Sprin The mea cupla is fulsome and the apology - however hard won - is on the record.

Nicky Hager has won an important victory for the rights of journalists to go about their business without intrusive oversight from the police, who have been shown to be less than honest. back in 2014, the New Zealand Police undertook multiple unlawful breaches of Nicky Hager's privacy.

Nevertheless, people sometimes claim that freedom of speech has to take on that narrow meaning.

The national debate over free speech is in many ways a sucker punch - "Squirrel!

I started this blog post wanting to layout the issues left unresolved after a week of reportage on meth houses.

I finished it furious at the inept government response, not just since 2016, but since the report was released.

Having better things to do than mine the seamier veins of the internet, I still haven’t really engaged in any depth with this pair of Canadian alt-right provocateurs’ “message” (such as they have one beyond “let’s make a buck from owning the libs”).

The High Court recently decided that when the Ministry of Social Development calculates a social security beneficiary’s income any mortgage and credit cards loans she received were not income.

Phil Twyford has work to do It's time for another big meth house clean-up.

Not of the houses themselves, which Sir Peter Gluckman has finally and definitively said are about as dangerous as a note, but of the decision-making process around disputed science in public policy and Housing New Zealand's leadership.

" - that has drawn our view away from the equally important job of winning the argument against the racist and ignorant views being expressed by the alt-right commentators Now I'm up for a free speech stoush as much as the next person, however I can't help but see the debate that has arisen in the past week about the now-abandoned show in New Zealand by a pair of far-right activists as a missed opportunity.