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A fourth case management conference took place on 10 September 2004 and was adjourned until 9 December 2004.On 29 November 2004 the Tribunal issued a judgment in relation to procedure and binding commitments.

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Although the abuse has been discontinued, the Commission felt it important to adopt a decision because of the risk of the abuse being repeated.The Commission considers that practices designed to capture strategic markets such as the high-speed Internet access market call for particular vigilance.The practice coincided with a company plan to pre-empt the strategic market for high-speed Internet access.While Wanadoo was suffering large-scale losses on the relevant service, France Télécom, which at that time held almost 100% of the market for wholesale ADSL services for Internet service providers (including Wanadoo), was anticipating considerable profits in the near future on its own wholesale ADSL products.The effects of Wanadoo's conduct were not confined to competitors on the ADSL segment, but extended to cable operators offering high-speed Internet access.

The abuse came to an end in October 2002, with the entry into force of new wholesale prices charged by France Télécom, more than 30% down on the previous prices charged.Since then, the French high-speed Internet access market has been growing much more rapidly and in a more balanced way as far as the various competitors are concerned.Between December 2000 and September 2002, the market had seen a five-fold increase in size.This practice restricted market entry and development potential for competitors, to the detriment of consumers, on a market which is key to the development of the information society.In view of the gravity of the abuse and the length of the period over which it was committed, the Commission is imposing a fine of €10,35 million.IP/03/1025 Brussels, 16 July 2003 The Commission has adopted a decision against Wanadoo Interactive, a subsidiary of France Télécom, for abuse of a dominant position in the form of predatory pricing in ADSL-based Internet access services for the general public.